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Don’t Let Back Tax Problems Ruin Your Life or Destroy Your Business!

Mac Reed and Associates, Inc. specializes in negotiating and settling tax debts for businesses and individuals nationwide!

Common Facts about IRS Problems:

Having IRS Problems does NOT make you a bad person.
Let’s face it. Most people with IRS problems are people who tend to have hardships, illnesses, or an adverse issue that became a crisis. Most people file their returns and just simply don’t have the money immediately available to pay in full. It happens – you just need a partner to work with you to get on the right track.
IRS Problems are more common than you can ever imagine.
Did you know that one out of every six taxpayers either owe the IRS, and are behind and simply can’t afford to pay the balance in full? With over 300 million people in the US, that is 50 million with tax debt. And based upon IRS research, about half of these folks owe at least $20,000 or more. So basically, if you have a tax problem, you are not alone.
If you owe the IRS, you have a very serious problem.
It may take the IRS several years to catch up to you, but when they do, they are relentless and will have no mercy in collecting all the money that is owed. When the collection process starts, they will make your life miserable and literally ruin all aspects of your life. The IRS problems will not just go away by themselves. They just keep getting worse with penalties and interest being added each day.
With the IRS being the most powerful and aggressive collector on the planet, they have the power to seize your bank accounts, garnish your wages, and force the immediate sale of your home and business. If you leave these problems to them, they will effectively take your livelihood. When you hire Mac Reed and Associates, Inc., we take over ALL communication with the IRS on your behalf, work to stop the seizure of your assets, and put you on a path to resolve your issue.

We’re here to help you resolve your tax problems and put an end to the misery that the IRS can put you through. We pride ourselves on being very efficient, affordable, and of course, extremely discreet.

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