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What we offer

Mac Reed and Associates stands out from the competition because our service packages are priced like none other.


Our pricing is flexible in which our fees are fixed and payable on a monthly/quarterly/annual basis.


We do not charge by the hour, and as a result, we provide YOU the necessary comfort in knowing your fees upfront, allowing you to maintain a budget.

Below are the services we provide to tailor your business and systems:

Monthly Advisory and Financial Review Services

(Part-time or Virtual CFO)

Mac Reed and Associates will partner with you and work with you through your growing stages of your business.  We will provide the tools to equip you and help you become more knowledgeable about your current and future financial status.


We will work with you to form a feasible plan of action to achieve maximum profitability for your business.



Our services include assistance with the following:

Monthly Financial Reviews, 
Oversight on your accounting and bookkeeping systems,
Monitor the financial health and well-being of the business,
Guidance in strategic planning relating to growth and expansion, and
Financial insight and guidance on all company decisions and issues.

Taxation Services and Representation

Business and Personal Tax Prep

Mac Reed and Associates will assist you (and your partners) in your legal obligation to file an annual tax return.

This includes :

  • Preparation of your Business and Individual Tax Return

  • Electronic filing of federal tax return to taxing authorities

  • Electronic filing of state tax return to taxing authorities


tax services.jpg

Tax Representation

Mac Reed and Associates will work with the IRS on your behalf as a 2848 power of attorney representative to investigate your potential tax issue and perform the following functions:

(1) Wage and Income Transcripts,
(2) Tax Account Transcripts,
(3) Tax Return Filing Verification, and 
(4) Tax Return Transcripts

In addition, Mac Reed and Associates will represent you to the IRS and will work to solve your tax problem using one of these methods if needed:

1) Installment Agreement,
2) CNC - Currently not collectible
3) OIC - Offer in Compromise 


Business Budgeting and Forecasting Services

(Part-time Controller Services)

Mac Reed and Associates will give you a detailed 12 month Forecast and Budget broken down month by month.

This includes:

  • Cash Flow forecast for the period,

  • Income statement (Profit and Loss) forecast for the period, and a

  • Balance sheet forecast for the period

This will be in a format suitable for presentation to your stakeholders or bank manager.



Tax Planning and Consulting

(Stress Free Tax Planning)

Mac Reed and Associates will perform the following functions:

• Perform an analysis of your business and personal financials and offer recommendations on financial and tax strategies for each year. We will use either an in-person meeting or 60 min phone conference each month/quarter.

• Calculate and compute estimated taxes based upon your financials and ensure the taxes are paid timely, and ensure no balances are owed at the end of year if possible.



On Demand Consultations

By becoming a subscriber to this plan, you will be provided with a customized link that will allow you access to our team at your convenience. 


This link will allow you to pair your schedule with our availability and will allow you to schedule a consultation to discuss any matter of your concern.  



Want to learn the simple tools you need to have in place for your business to launch it to success?

Schedule a FREE strategy session with me to learn more!

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