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Who is Mac Reed?

​Mac Reed is the founder of two emerging firms that are designed to empower small business owners financially. For over 10 years, Mac has helped entrepreneurs improve their businesses financially. He has supported business owners of all levels, from the planning stages to those who have experienced seasoned success and now desire to maintain peace of mind.

Mac’s passion for small business owners and their success stems from his conviction that small businesses are the cornerstone of a healthy American economy. With this confidence, he adamantly believes with his assistance, every small business owner can achieve a full, enriching life.

Rather than just being a regular “bookkeeper” or “accountant”, Mac specializes in helping small business owners become effective with the TIME they have. He does this by identifying and analyzing several key business indicators and then offering timely solutions, allowing the small business owner to focus on improving operations, increasing the bottom line, and as a result, expand their business.

Rather than be like other accountants and pitch services to high dollar clients and companies, Mac pitched his tent and rebelled against the norms.  He has committed himself to work with the small “every day” business owner, to make sure they had a better chance of succeeding, even when statistics may show otherwise.

At Mac Reed and Associates, our strategy for you is three fold:

  • Increase your profit by focusing on improved operations,

  • Improve your cash position through an effective budget strategy, and

  • Reduce your taxable liability through continuous tax planning.

As a fellow business owner, Mac understood this common plight all too well. And with this focus in mind, he founded Mac Reed and Associates, Inc. based upon the principle of empowering the small business owner financially so they can have more TIME.

We know more TIME equals increased opportunities for...

  • More clients,

  • Greater productivity, and

  • The end result – MORE MONEY!

On a personal note, Mac attributes his personal success to his faith in Jesus Christ and the determination to face new challenges.


He is married to his best friend, Natasha (who by the way helps him run the firm). They are the parents to two lovely children, Mac III and Parker.


Mac holds two degrees, a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s of Science in Accounting. Mac is an Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service. His license allows him to perform tax representation services anywhere within the United States.

If you are ready to push your business potential and surpass your ambitions, contact Mac for a free consultation.


Let Mac show you how to experience breakthrough results in your business starting today.

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